Eleanor Cheetham: Freelance Writer, Gardener & Cake Baker

Eleanor writes about seasonal, sustainable living, and creativity inspired by nature. She also edits Creative Countryside magazine, and curates #aseasonalyear on Instagram.

She's been growing her own fruit and veg for as long as she can remember, and enjoys baking with freshly-picked berries, and courgettes. In her previous job, she taught English and Creative Writing in secondary schools, before deciding that mainstream education wasn't for her.



Daniel Cheetham: Firefighter, Bee-Keeper, Pole-Lather & Budding Blacksmith

Making things without using modern power tools and lots of electricity is something that Dan feels very strongly about, and he's known for his (sometimes over-zealous!) passion for sustainability and eating organic, vegetarian food.

He's also building his own house - it's a work in progress!



Lee Holmes: Architectural Designer, Master-of-Many-Trades & Livestock Control

It's safe to say that none of what we've achieved here at Chalk House would be possible without Lee. He is the driving force behind the smallholding, and when he's not working on a building project, or chasing rogue sheep, you'll find him planning out new projects and ideas.

He also enjoys reading voraciously about anything to do with the countryside, its architecture, and gardening.




Julie Holmes: Gardener, Potter & Chef

Julie has a knack for entertaining, and making people feel at home. She creates vast platters of salads, cooks delicious casseroles, and makes jams, chutneys and a whole array of other preserves.

When she's not in the kitchen, you'll find her sowing seeds or on the potter's wheel.